Acro Balance Classes


Acro Balance Classes

Our acro balance classes are for anyone interested in learning a partner-based skill that can be incorporated into many other aspects of their performances and routines. Throughout your acro balance training you will develop, alongside the technical and physical aspects of acro balance, an understanding of responsibility and shared safety that is a key part of the Forgotten Family ethos. In addition to essential traits such as teamwork, communication, and co-operation

In order to truly reap the benefits of our acro balance classes we recommend a few weeks’ worth of lessons, which is why we offer special 4-week courses, so you get the most out of your acro balance experience! After this extensive but rewarding acro balance training you will be able to see notable improvement in your physical skills such as flexibility, balance, and conditioning.

As a partner-based exercise acro balance classes are divided into two roles, the ‘base’ and the ‘flyer’ making it ideal for everyone to find a balance and style that suits them and their partner. As such these classes develop a wide range of technical skills, including partner lifts and throws, swinging and balance partners moves, and individual moves that emphasise agility, balance, strength, and flexibility.

Instructor: Boldo Janchivdorj
Level: All


Max number of students: 12
Min number of students: 4

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£20 — Single Class Drop-In
£65 — 4 Week Course
£120 — 6 Class Drop-In Bundle

What is Acro Balance?

Acro balance is the combination of two highly physical and athletic art forms. The first of which, Adagio, is a style of dancing that consists of partner lifts and incorporates throws, somersaults, layouts, and other acrobatic manoeuvres. It requires a high degree of care, co-ordination, proprioceptive awareness, and trust. The other component is hand balancing, which is the performance of acrobatic body shape changing movements, or stationary poses, which can also be combined together. These moves can be performed solo, or whilst being supported by a partner.

We advise that you wear comfy, stretchy clothing that won’t restrict your movement. Leggings, tracksuit bottoms, tank tops, t-shirts and sports bras are all considered suitable attire for our aerial conditioning classes. Close fitting items are also ideal, as baggy clothing can become tangled and pose a hazard to you and to others in the group. We also recommend you take these classes bare foot to allow for fluid movement, but socks can be worn as long as you’re not in danger of slipping. Additionally, long hair must be tied back, and all jewellery removed.

What to wear during Acro Balance Classes

Wear comfy, stretchy clothing that does not restrict your movement. Leggings, tracksuit bottoms, tank tops, t-shirts and sports bras are all suitable attire for our conditioning classes. Bear in mind that baggy tops will fall over your face while upside down so try to wear something tight-fitting.

We advice these classes are done barefoot in order for you to learn the techniques effectively and achieve fluid lines through the legs and feet. Socks are optional as long as you’re not in danger of slipping.

Please remove all jewellery and watches and tie long hair back.