Aerial Rope Classes

Whilst we offer all our aerial rope classes in mixed groups, making them suitable for all levels of experience, we would recommend it to those who have already gained experience in other aerial disciplines such as silks or straps. That being said, our instructors will take great care to make sure all their aerial rope classes are structured around the skill level of the students, ensuring everyone is comfortable and having fun!

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What is Aerial Rope?

Aerial Rope, otherwise known as ‘Corde Lisse’ which translates as ‘smooth rope’, training is often described as one of the most complicated and difficult but rewarding aerial disciplines. The apparatus resembles a vertically hanging rope and is usually made from soft cotton about 25-30mm thick, with a loop on the top side that is used to rig it to a point.

At the Forgotten School we are lucky to be able to use some of the highest quality rope available, including 3 ply and covered rope, which is provided to us by the excellent Leo Hedman (  Acts using Aerial Rope often consist of held postures, wraps, and drops, and it is closely related to both Aerial Silks and Spanish web.


Instructor: Mim Wheeler / Joe Keeley / Simon Wood
Level: All

Tuesday 6:30PM - 8:00PM
Friday 6:30PM - 8:00PM

Max number of students: 8
Min number of students: 2

£24 — Single Class Drop-In
£76 — 4 Week Course

The History of Aerial Rope

Not much is known about the historical origins of Aerial Ropes as a discipline, but its origins are thought to be traced to the Indian gymnastic art form of ‘Mallakhamb’ , which is also thought to be the root origin of similar aerial disciplines such as Corde Lisse or Spanish Web. Originating in 1135ad, the gymnast would use a thin rope and perform acrobatic exercises whilst hanging from the suspended rope. Often these exercises would imitate the positions of Yogasanas.