Class description

We offer mixed classes in Aerial Straps, meaning that those who have no or very little experience are welcome, as well as those looking to improve their existing skill set, so please don't feel intimidated or nervous if you've never tried it before!

There is a huge range of moves that can be learnt on Aerial Straps. In each lesson, you will learn a variety of moves, poses and transitions. Learning aerial straps takes drive and determination. The progress is never fast but the rewards in focus and physical strength are like no other.

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What are Aerial Straps?

Straps are a set of cotton or nylon web apparatus that looks like two suspended ribbons.

They are used by wrapping the strap in a noose around the hands and wrists securing the performer in place. Once in place you are able to performs holds, twists, rolls and manoeuvres.

Straps are deemed one of the more challenging disciplines as you not only require good body weight to strength ratio but also determination and pain tolerance. However, if you have (or are able to build) the stamina, then the rewards from learning this skill are huge.


Instructor: Pierre Riviere / Cornelius Atkinson / Boldo Janchivdorj / Joe Keeley
Level: All

Tuesday 8:00PM - 9:30PM
Thursday 7:00PM - 8:30PM

Max number of students: 8
Min number of students: 2

£20 — Single Class Drop-In
£65 — 4 Week Course

What to wear

Wear comfy, stretchy clothing that does not restrict your movement. Close fitting items are ideal as baggy or flared bottoms and tops can get caught or tangled which can be a hazard to you and others so avoid these.

Backs of knees, elbows, wrists, backs and hips are prone to bumps and bruises when training. Wearing multiple layers helps to reduce this, along with leg warmers, leotards, long socks and gaiters/jazz boots. You also want a top  that will cover your midriff without riding up, or that you can tuck in.

Please remove all jewellery and watches and tie long hair back.

The history of Aerial Straps

The discipline of Aerial Straps was originally a Chinese speciality whereby athletes would perform intensely muscular tricks up and down the straps. Many of the moves are similar to those of Aerial Rings.

The pioneers of contemporary Aerial Straps were identical twins Yuri and Valery Panteleenko in the 1970s, known as the Panteleenko Brothers. However their history is tragic. The Panteleenko Brothers performed for more than 20 years without proper acceptance, perhaps because their act was so innovative it alienated fans of the traditional discipline.

In 1989, they were touring with famous Swiss National Circus Knie when one of the brothers suddenly died from a cardiac arrest after a show. The remaining brother decided to continue performing and hired another acrobat with whom he experienced international success, still under the name Panteleenko Brothers.