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Course description

The circus has always held a special place in every child’s heart, many of them grow up with a deep rooted love for the magic that the circus brings. We aim to bring that magic to you and your children, by running two courses alongside each other, one for 5-10 year olds class and one for 11- 16 year olds.

In our youth aerial classes, we use a variety of equipment to teach children how to climb, perform routines, and tricks with great technique. We encourage games, play and creative time to satisfy their creative abilities.

There are many reasons why children and young people love circus - it's a great way to:

  • Get fit
  • Learn new skills
  • Build self-confidence
  • Develop motor skills
  • Improve balance co-ordination
  • Make new friends
  • Increase spatial awareness
  • Gain flexibility
  • Improve confidence

Our ethos of co-operation, not competition means every child and young person feels included. Our sessions are safe, fun and taught by circus professionals. Here at Forgotten Circus, our emphasis is to enjoy yourself and experience the freedom that circus and aerial can bring you!

We aim to nurture and develop every young circus student to help them develop their skill, strength and confidence more quickly than they would do in everyday life. And who knows….maybe one day, with enough practice... our FUNdamental students could be running the show!

The courses cover a wide range of disciplines:

  • Aerial Hoop
  • Aerial Silks
  • Slack line / Balance
  • Trapeze
  • Handstands
  • Acrobalance
  • Stilt walking
  • Hula hooping
  • Juggling
  • Plate spinning

What to wear

Wear comfy, stretchy clothing that does not restrict your movement. Close fitting items are ideal as baggy or flared bottoms and tops can get caught or tangled which can be a hazard to you and others so avoid these.

Backs of knees, elbows, wrists, backs and hips are prone to bumps and bruises when training. Wearing multiple layers helps to reduce this, along with leg warmers, leotards, long socks and gaiters/jazz boots. You also want a top  that will cover your midriff without riding up, or that you can tuck in.

We advice these classes are done barefoot in order for you to learn the techniques effectively and achieve fluid lines through the legs and feet. Socks are optional as long as you’re not in danger of slipping.

Please remove all jewellery and watches and tie long hair back.


Instructors: Lindsey Higgins & Diego Martinez
Level: All
When: Tuesdays 5PM-6PM (5-10yrs)
.............. Thursdays 5:15PM - 6:30PM (11-16yrs)
Max number of students: 10
Min number of students: 4

Please ensure you have read our Terms & Conditions, as well as our Liability, Sales & Refunds Policy before purchasing any classes, courses or workshops.

£120 — 6 Week Course