Here at the Forgotten Circus & Aerial Training Centre, we aim to be a safe and fun environment in which you can learn, grow and flourish in your aerial arts.

We all need to work together to make the environment functional, friendly and safe, so please take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the following 'rules' and guidelines:


Know your limits - even though learning and practicing new skills is fun, make sure that you are listening to your body and respecting your skill level and recognise signs of fatigue.

Never be embarrassed to ask for help - you aren't bothering us if you ask for safety advice, rigging assistance, correct spotting of moves etc. We are here to help you.

Students are not to teach other students new moves or skills, this is 100% about safety and liability. If the person you are teaching a new skill to gets hurt or needs help, it will not be covered by the centre’s liability and you personally will be responsible for any repercussion or damage to the centre property.

We have a no tolerance policy for any kind of bullying or negativity towards others. We see our circus community as a family of encouragement and progression. If we think there is animosity which will affect other students then we will ask the individual to leave irrelevant of class or course payment. This will be at the advice and discretion of the Directors.

Limited private parking is available at the front of the building, however we advise you to travel by public transport when possible, as we cannot promise that a parking space will always be available. Parking fines can be issued if you are found to be parked in a prohibited zone outside of the Forgotten Circus property. 

Bicycles should be locked outside the building and are not permitted indoors as they can take up valuable space and bring in outdoor dirt. We cannot be held accountable for any stolen or missing bicycles and it is at the student's discretion to lock them up securely.

No gum, food, or anything other than water is permitted on the floors within the main training space or on the apparatus. There are areas of the training space that are designed for a rest and break so please familiarise yourself with these areas and contain food and drink to them.

We ask that no outdoor shoes are worn on the school floor mats as this will cause damage to the equipment and create an unpleasant environment for yourself and other students to train in.

Remove all jewellery before participating in class as this can get caught on yourself, another person, or an apparatus becoming potentially fatal to yourself and others as well as the equipment.

Leave the space as close to how you found it as you can. This usually means helping stack up mats, take down extra equipment, put away yoga mats or other things you may have been using.

A PA system will be available for use, pr you are welcome to bring your own (eg. mini rig or small speaker). However, please be respectful of other students using the space and keep music choices inoffensive.

Toilets are free for use to all students and are male and female specific. However, if you identify as trans or non-binary we are happy to let you use whichever bathroom you feel most comfortable with. If a student wishes to use the shower, there will be a £1.50 charge for this use. Towels and soaps/shampoo are to be supplied by the student. Please advise a member of staff if you wish to use these facilities.