Circus skills classes

Welcome! At the Forgotten Circus School in London we believe in taking the fun and flair of circus skills and arts and making them accessible to everyone, opening up a new world of imagination, gravity defying acrobatics lessons and circus skill classes. By creating a safe and friendly environment that emphasises community, personal development and learning with our circus skills workshops, we can offer what is truly one of the best circus training experiences in the U.K.

The Forgotten circus experience is one that demands to be lived and experienced for yourself, so leave behind the mundane and join the Forgotten Family in a world of wonder today.

Book a Circus Skills Class

Our circus skills classes and workshops are available for everyone, no matter what your proficiency or current skills. Here at Forgotten Circus we make it all about your journey of self-discovery and wonder, teaching you new circus skills, providing a novel and creative way to get fit, and most importantly, making sure you have fun doing it. Book a class today, and get ready to start your journey.


Aerial & Circus Skills

£20 — Single Class Drop-In
£65 — 4 Week Course
£120 — 6 Class Drop-In Bundle

Self Training

£10 - 2 Hour Session




Circus Fitness Classes

£12.50 — Single Class Drop-In
£40 — 1 Month Course
£60 — 6 Drop-In Class Bundle

Circus Training for Kids (5-16yrs)

£120 - 6 Week Course