Aerial Silks Classes

Aerial Silks classes can be an exciting and dramatic way to learn new skills, improve your aerial performance techniques, and to build up your fitness whilst working out multiple areas of your body. Aerial Silks training is ideal for people of all experiences and proficiencies, with mixed classes that help create a relaxed and comfortable environment, and professional aerial silks training that will be catered to your level.

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What is Aerial Silks?

Aerial Silks training, also known as aerial tissue, aerial ribbons, or aerial curtains, is one of the most rewarding, and challenging aerial performance arts. With routines that produce jaw dropping spectacles, mixing flair, drama and awe-inspiring acrobatic feats!

Performance artists that use Aerial Silks will use the fabric to climb, drop, twist, spin and contort themselves, all whilst hanging from a single rigging point. This allows them to string together complex multi-dimensional sequences, with an array of different choreography options available, producing dramatic spins and drops that can leave a crowd truly dazzled.

History of Aerial Silks

The origin of Aerial Silks can be traced back to a French circus school in 1959, after a group of trainees were asked to present a new acrobatic act, one intrepid student presented hers using a long piece of fabric. Whilst at the time little fuss was made, over the course of the next few decades this kind of experimentation grew more and more commonplace. Resulting in its official recognition in 1998 and the formation of the discipline as we know it today.

The Aerial Silk was first brought to prominence by Isabelle Vaudelle and Isabelle Chasse in 1998, when they used it during their Quidam performance for a Cirque Du Soleil show. This inspired a whole new generation of performers, quickly seeing the skill rise to becoming one of the most sought after and spectacular attractions, even reaching more mainstream fame through a ubiquitous BBC ident that ran for many years.



Instructor: Mim Wheeler / Tess Munro Pedreros /Joe Keeley / Hayley Ingle / Amelia Marchant
Level: All

Wednesday 8:00PM - 9:30PM
Friday 6:30PM - 8:00PM

Max number of students: 8
Min number of students: 2

£24 — Single Class Drop-In
£76 — 4 Week Course

What to wear during Aerial Silks Classes

When taking an Aerial Silks class, we recommend you wear comfy, stretchy clothing that won’t restrict your freedom of movement. Equally, close fitting items are ideal as baggy clothing can become caught on the hoop itself, creating a hazard for you and others in the group.

Likewise, for an Aerial Silks class, the backs of knees, elbows, wrists, backs and hips can be prone to bumps and bruises, so we advise wearing multiple layers along these areas, as well items such as leg warmers, leotards, long socks and gaiters. Additionally, long hair must be tied back, and all jewellery removed.