Class description

This class is a great conditioning 'all rounder' for anyone looking to improve their overall physique and stamina.

Our teachers know  the very best circus techniques to develop your strength and flexibility safely and in good time, inspired by methods carried out by circus teachers from around the globe.

This class is ideal for those training in any other circus discipline - whether it be aerial, floor or prop based.

The class will incorporate a range of aerial equipments on which to condition on including Aerial Silks, Hoop, Straps and Trapeze, as well as ground based partner exercises. We aim to work all muscle groups and get you fighting fit ready for your chosen aerial discipline or even just for a better level of fitness in general!

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What to wear

Wear comfy, stretchy clothing that does not restrict your movement. Leggings, tracksuit bottoms, tank tops, t-shirts and sports bras are all suitable attire for our conditioning classes. Bear in mind that baggy tops will fall over your face while in a handstand so try to wear something tight-fitting.

We advice these classes are done barefoot in order for you to learn the techniques effectively and achieve fluid lines through the legs and feet. Socks are optional as long as you’re not in danger of slipping.

Please remove all jewellery and watches and tie long hair back.


Instructor: Lindsey Higgins
Level: All
Monday 5:15PM - 6:15PM
Max number of students: 8
Min number of students: 2

£12.50 — 1 Drop In Class
£40 — 1 Month Course