wellbeing Through Circus Skill

In these hectic modern times it’s becoming increasingly important for every one of us to take some time out for ourselves, time we can spend looking after our bodies and minds. This is where circus fitness comes into play, at the Forgotten Family we place an emphasis on emotional and physical wellbeing.

Using circus skills and circus fitness to not only invigorate the body with a rewarding workout, but to also create a fun and relaxing space where people can come and simply be themselves.


Physical Fitness

Circus fitness, especially aerial skills, can be an effective way of improving upper body and core strength. This also helps to strengthen tendon and ligaments which can help to reduce the risk of injury in other activities.

You will also see benefits in terms of flexibility and co-ordination, and most importantly it offers an enjoyable alternative workout that won’t even really feel like exercise!


Weight management

As circus fitness offers a fairly intense physical workout, it can have tremendous benefits when it comes to weight loss and management.

This kind of exercise will often burn at least 300-400 calories per hour. And frequent participation leads to increased muscle mass and an increased metabolic rate.


Release of tension

Bad posture is something we all fall into, but it’s also more damaging than we realise, often leading to a build-up of tension and strain in muscles and joints. Aerial workouts can help alleviate this, enabling decompression of the spine via the release of pressure between the vertebrae.

If you are experiencing any issues with your body, before, during or after your training, don’t hesitate to ask one of our directors for assistance and recommendations for treatment options.


Mental health

Exercise isn’t just a workout for your body, it offers a great boost for your mental health and emotional wellbeing. And on top of these benefits, aerial circus workouts offer unique benefits that go above and beyond the norm.

Aerial workouts cause an increased rise in oxygen, which helps elevate dopamine levels and leads to feelings of elation and relaxation.